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Types of goods

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We are interested in products from all industries, including clothing, cosmetics, raw materials, electronics, food, furniture and all types of equipment. There may be damaged goods, old stock or second quality goods, as well as occupied by the bank, bailiff or leasing fund. We arrange with these institutions conciliatory formalities in order to minimize the cost and quickly finalize the transaction.


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After agreeing on the prices we pick the goods from you! You can release your storage space and free the blocked funds.


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We do not take goods on consignment. We pay for the goods on the basis of VAT invoices issued to us on the date of release of the goods. We pay immediately or in special cases on the 30-day or shorter payment terms.

Why choose us?

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Thanks to extensive trade contacts with networks of distribution and sales experience in the international markets, we are able to sell many kinds of goods.

How do we work?

  • we send our staff to examine the goods
  • we agree on the price of goods
  • we buy and pick up the goods from the client

Examples of purchased goods